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Pre-sale questions

I tried the demo and registrated. 

I added a website and i click start surf. I see it visits 1 site. The i see the message "Next site in 0 secondes" and nothing happens. What am i doing wrong? When i refresh the page it visits another website but gets stuck again with the same message? Also it doesn't make me earn points?

Where can a member start the manuel surf?

Is there a demo for the admin panel?


1. The pop-ups blocked on your browser, make sure to allow popups for the traffic exchange.

2. Currently, we don't allow to have access on the admin panel, but PM me with your email address to send you some screenshots of the TE PRO admin panel.

Best Regards!
In case you want to say thank you, we'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on Traffic Exchange PRO page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

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