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    Hear what our customers have to say

    Slightly fewer options than the Pro script, but very pleasant to work with, possibility for 3 slots per account, but luckily the seller was willing to expand that to 50 for us.

    Jeroen - Based on 16 review.


    Without a doubt one of the best scripts! Easy to work with and great service from the seller, top!

    Jeroen - Based on 15 review.


    Super after-sales service always finds the solution to your problem if you have any! Quick response and research really I recommend. Thanks again to the admin

    detaboo - Based on 14 review.


    THANK YOU Netcshop for your valuable products

    sendit - Based on 13 review.


    I have this script and I would highly recommend the simplicity of it compared to others. I have three traffic exchange scripts and this one is by far the best. It was the ONLY one I wanted. A breeze to install. In a nice, clean and minimal interface with a fantastic admin panel and clear navigation. It is really very pleasing. I have no doubt I am going to find this business a passion of mine. Thanks to the wonderful owners of this script, I have a dream come true. MANY MANY THANKS TO THE SCRIPT OWNER AND SUPPORT TEAM. I'm having FUN!

    Nicola Heiro - Based on 12 review.


    Very fast and simple script. It works very well. I really hope you keep improving it. Thank you!

    Paulo - Based on 11 review.


    I would like to extend my extreme appreciation for the support that I've been receiving for my TE PRO script! I have TONS of questions and I have been assisted literally every step of the way. I get timely responses, within 24 hours or less, and I probably have asked the most questions that this team has had to answer lol! I am very pleased and confident in the product that I purchased knowing that they will be there to answer any of my questions or troubleshoot any possible future concerns. Thanks!!!

    T. Ben - Based on 10 review.


    Nice URL Shortener script

    Erwin - Based on 1 review.


    Very good script. Excellent support, very good attention and very fast

    Facundo Nuñez - Based on 9 reviews.


    The latest improvements are welcome. The script is getting better. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

    Ioan Birzoi - Based on 9 reviews.


    Awesome script and excellent customer service! Highly recommend NetcShop. Looking forward to future updates and additions to the script as it further evolves.

    fjb - Based on 9 reviews.


    Glad I found it! Great support. Very responsive and hard working. At first I thought about sticking to my other script from a different developer but NETCSHOP support 's responsiveness and accuracy fixing and improving the script has truly made me think twice. So I prefer to stay with the reliable support than someone else who is not reliable. Good luck and thank you!

    NeaTraffic - Based on 9 reviews.


    I bought and used, it's great. This is my product, of course I had a small change to suit my users. Link: http://traffic4vn.com

    Panda - Based on 9 reviews.


    Nicely customer support, I bought it and it's very nice and clean system. Thanks a lot!

    Alice - Based on 9 reviews.


    The script is nice and smooth You have to add : 1- Once customer start surfing . the sites must be inside the site it self, not in NEW TAP! 2- Customer must " CLICK " to watch the next ads. because ur system like this i can start surfing and will go to SLEEP, next day i will have tons of points! 3- From admin, must give max ads to see each day for each customer, for example 15 - 30 - 50 ads each 24 hours 4- Must add change points to $$ so customers also can make money and to transfer them to paypal. I WILL BUY once u add these options.

    Makhdi - Based on 9 reviews.


    Love your script and easy to setup. Thank you guys, hope you keep working on it.

    Dennis Kurz - Based on 9 reviews.


    I am really happy with Traffic Exchange PRO. It's really awesome

    Gerardox - Based on 9 reviews.


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