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timers lagging in some newer browser versions
A few of my users have reported that the timers have been lagging lately

on my site, we have very HIGH times per view session... like 10-15 minutes

it has worked fine until very recently where some have reported that their numbers are off.

One member figured out that in Chrome the tab with the timer will actually run slower than the actual time... the timer was 15 minutes but he timed the actual session and it was near 20

Another user tested with Edge and it almost completely stops the timer in the background tab

Do you have any ideas how to fix that?

it seems to be different on different browsers...

We have checked the demo and everything seems to be working fine. The surf time set to 15 minutes around 900 seconds, and the timers has not lagging.

If the chrome tab with the timer run slower than the actual time, try to keep the current surf tab active, means you should not open another tab or browse other website while surfing.

Best Regards!
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