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Surfing and points

Great script! Everything is working so seamlessly! 

I have a question about how the points system works...

I did a few tests runs and i noticed that each page i surfed was crediting me 3.75 points.  I notice now that the points are at 7.50 and even 10 per page surfed.  How does the point system work, and is there a way to customize how many points per site visited?


Thank you!

Each membership has different "Traffic Exchange Ratio". By default, free users earn 75% while premium earn 100%. For example, if you have surfed a website with 1 point, as a Free user, you will earn 0.75 point, while Premium can earn 1 point.

Traffic Exchange Ratio can be customized on "Control Panel" -> "Settings" -> "Surf Settings"

Best Regards!
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