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Future releases

I would like to ask you something if you can.
Because some of us have made changes to the original script, in future updates, include a text file specifying which files are changed.
This way we can update the files by comparing them manually one by one without losing the changes.

Thank you
Best Regards!

I'm afraid you'll have to upload all files this time and insert modifications again. In the future, starting from the next update, we will try to write down a list of all updated files to simplify this process.

Best Regards!
In case you want to say thank you, we'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on Traffic Exchange PRO page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

Starting from the next update is perfect, because I updated to 1.1.8 and also inserted the changes.

Best Regards!

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